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QuakeCon 2011

I had previously been considering attending FossCon, but i think that if i went to QuakeCon instead, I could put my money to better use. I was reading and i found that you can register a game for the BYOC tournament section. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I could take the money several hundred dollars it would have taken me to drive to Philly for FossCon and instead put that money toward prizes for Xonotic tournaments. Right now i am thinking that i could run two tournaments, one 1v1 DM and one 3v3 CTF. Putting one hundred dollars up for prizes on each of them. I think with the number of people at the event and there background this would be a great way of attracting new player.

that would be awesome.
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Good plan. I like it. Xonotic definately needs more exposure and QuakeCon is a good way to do it.
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

Hey there fellow Tulsan. Big Grin

Also, QuakeCon would be good for Xonotic, I think.

Sounds like a good idea to be honest.
Which version would you run, I suspect the new development release?
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I can only imagine how many people will stop and say: "Holy shit! This is gonna rock!" if you somehow grabbed some attention at QuakeCon.

Oh wait.

(05-05-2011, 07:22 PM)kojn^ Wrote: Sounds like a good idea to be honest.
Which version would you run, I suspect the new development release?

I am watching the dev tracker closely. I think it might be realist to think that 1.0 might be out before aug 4th. and if it is not i think that it might be possible to ask for a stable build of wherever they are at, to show off what they have done.

Lee: yeah that is what i am hoping to spend my time doing when the official tournaments are not going on i am planning to go around pimping this game to anyone that will give it a shot.

*Update*: I have been planning this out bit and i ran into a bit of a snag. When thinking of running the event as a director i realized that there was no tournament management software with the game. So i know some of you have been around a long time. Do any of you know of any scripts or code i could use to manage a tournament. Or if you have a solution to management other than code let me know, i am open to ideas.

Also i am planning to make a shirt for the event, to help advertise.

Oh and i have not been on line for a bit because i having been moving, the good news is that in this move i was able to finally all my stuff out of storage, and i have found a lot of goodies for eBay. I just finished upgrading my PC, and now i have set my sights on building a server for xonotic. Not only for online play but also to host at QuakeCon. I am currently looking a Opteron 4130. with 8gb of DRR3 reg ECC. and a solid state drive. Plus i just upgrade my connection. Smile

you could get on IRC to talk to the devs about it. (if you don't know how, I can PM you instructions)
i think it would be best to use whatever build is available when you go, as surely we will have made a ton of progress by then.
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Just don't forget that it's ok to have the git build with a few extra features and extra bugs for fosscon but not for quakecon.
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