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In game menu

Have you ever heard about the "Mouse Wheel Menu Generator" from NexuizNinjaz?

Well, a while ago i decided to modify it a bit since it wasn't functional at all for me but i liked the idea of that menu.
You can download my version at the bottom of my post Smile

Do not add the script to your data folder until you modify it to suit yourself

What can it do?

If you press and hold 'c' you can switch between 3 or more config files using the wheel of your mouse.
If you switch to another config you will switch name, key binds, video settings, mouse settings, or whatever you want while in game.

You can also vcall votes with that menu so that you don't need to open the console and type the command and the map name all the time.

Also, on each config you can set different zoom and sensitivity settings that you can adjust if you press and hold 'z'

In that way if you are on a small map you can use a tiny zoom and if the next map is huge you can switch to a big zoom without opening the console, just by pressing 'z' and using the wheel of your mouse.

How can you test it?

First of all, open the autoexec.cfg and read it
Second: open the first.cfg and read it
Third: modify each config so that they do what you want them to do
Fourth: add them to your Xonotic/data folder and enjoy

You can change the name of all the files except autoexec.cfg just remember that if you change the name of a config you will need to change it inside the autoexec.cfg file too.

Any questions or ideas are welcome.
I hope you find this script useful.
And apologizes if my english is not the best, i'm not english native speaker Tongue

.zip (Size: 5.72 KB / Downloads: 18)


here's a somewhat different take on the issue. It binds commonly used binds onto the keypad in a hierarchical fashion..

0 1 1 = I am attacking
0 1 2 = I am defending

0 2 1 = Enemy seen
0 2 2 = Enemy FC seen
0 2 3 = Enemy Quad seen


0 6 1 = vote yes
0 6 2 = vote no
0 6 3 = call vote for Extended matchtime
0 6 4 = call vote for Endmatch

just copy the code into your autoexec.cfg (create in same folder like config.cfg if it doesn't exist)

//exec bind_menu.cfg

alias bind_menu_me_attacking "say I am attacking; g_waypointsprite_team_here"
alias bind_menu_me_defending "say I am defending; g_waypointsprite_team_here"
alias bind_menu_me_help "say I need help; g_waypointsprite_team_danger"
alias bind_menu_me_dead "say I am dead; g_waypointsprite_team_danger"
alias bind_menu_me_weapon "say I need a weapon; g_waypointsprite_team_here"

alias bind_menu_me "echo 1: Attacking  2: Defending 3: Need Help  4: I'm dead  5: Need weapon; alias bind_menu_1 bind_menu_me_attacking; alias bind_menu_2 bind_menu_me_defending; alias bind_menu_3 bind_menu_me_help; alias bind_menu_4 bind_menu_me_dead; alias bind_menu_5 bind_menu_me_weapon"

alias bind_menu_enemy_seen "say Enemy seen; g_waypointsprite_team_danger_p"
alias bind_menu_enemy_fc "say Enemy flag carrier seen; g_waypointsprite_team_here_p"
alias bind_menu_enemy_quad "say Enemy quad carrier seen; g_waypointsprite_team_danger_p"

alias bind_menu_enemy "echo 1: Seen  2: Flag carrier seen  3: Quad Carrier Seen; alias bind_menu_1 bind_menu_enemy_seen; alias bind_menu_2 bind_menu_enemy_fc; alias bind_menu_3 bind_menu_enemy_quad"

alias bind_menu_base_clear "say Base is clear"
alias bind_menu_base_danger "say Base is in danger. Need Help!"
alias bind_menu_base_overrun "say Base is OVERRUN!!! Need Help!"

alias bind_menu_base "echo 1: Clear  2: In danger  3: Overrun; alias bind_menu_1 bind_menu_base_clear; alias bind_menu_2 bind_menu_base_danger; alias bind_menu_3 bind_menu_base_overrun"

alias bind_menu_armor_ra_taken "say +100 armor taken"
alias bind_menu_armor_ra_soon "say +100 armor soon (get there ASAP)!!!!"
alias bind_menu_armor_ya_taken "say +50 armor taken"
alias bind_menu_armor_ya_soon "say +50 armor soon (get there ASAP)!!!!"

alias bind_menu_armor "echo 1: +100 taken  2: +100 soon  3: +50 taken  4: +50 soon;  alias bind_menu_1 bind_menu_armor_ra_taken; alias bind_menu_2 bind_menu_armor_ra_soon; alias bind_menu_3 bind_menu_armor_ya_taken; alias bind_menu_4 bind_menu_armor_ya_soon"

alias bind_menu_item_qt "say Quad taken"
alias bind_menu_item_qs "say Quad soon (get there ASAP)!!!!"
alias bind_menu_item_mht "say Mega Health (+100) taken"
alias bind_menu_item_mhs "say Mega Health (+100) soon (get there ASAP)!!!!"
alias bind_menu_item_avail "say Item available; g_waypointsprite_team_here_p"

alias bind_menu_item echo "1: Quad taken  2: Quad soon  3: Mega taken  4: Mega soon  5: Item available; alias bind_menu_1 bind_menu_item_qt; alias bind_menu_2 bind_menu_item_qs; alias bind_menu_3 bind_menu_item_mht; alias bind_menu_4 bind_menu_item_mhs; alias bind_menu_5 bind_menu_item_avail"

alias bind_menu_voting_yes "vyes"
alias bind_menu_voting_no "vno"
alias bind_menu_voting_em "vcall extendmatchtime"
alias bind_menu_voting_eg "vcall endmatch"

alias bind_menu_voting "echo 1: Yes  2: No  3: Extend matchtime  4: End game; alias bind_menu_1 bind_menu_voting; alias bind_menu_1 bind_menu_voting_yes; alias bind_menu_2 bind_menu_voting_no; alias bind_menu_3 bind_menu_voting_em; alias bind_menu_4 bind_menu_voting_eg"    

alias bind_menu_main "echo 1: Me  2: Enemy  3: Base  4: Armor  5: Item  6: Voting; alias bind_menu_1 bind_menu_me; alias bind_menu_2 bind_menu_enemy; alias bind_menu_3 bind_menu_base; alias bind_menu_4 bind_menu_armor; alias bind_menu_5 bind_menu_item; alias bind_menu_6 bind_menu_voting"

bind KP_INS "bind_menu_main"
bind KP_END "bind_menu_1"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "bind_menu_2"
bind KP_PGDN "bind_menu_3"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "bind_menu_4"
bind KP_5 "bind_menu_5"
bind KP_RIGHTARROW "bind_menu_6"
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

I still think "I need help" should be accessible via 9 1 1.

But this looks like a good idea, especially since I cannot remember team binds beyond "Enemy seen", "Clear" and "I see the Flaahaag". This might help me indeed, thanks!

Shouldn't there be a "Item (Health/Armor) Free" too? But I think anyone can extend the script, even I can read it without any coding experience :o)

Edit: d'oh it's on 0 5 5, thanks for the pointer.
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Ok, here's a cleaned up and easier to customize version:

One note: The echo commands display the key assignments in the log which should be visible somewhere on the screen, so one can learn the shortcuts after a while. if you add binds, make sure to add the "help texts" too..

//exec bm.cfg

alias bm_1_1 "say ^7I am ^2ATTACKING; g_waypointsprite_team_here"
alias bm_1_2 "say ^7I am ^2DEFENDING; g_waypointsprite_team_here"
alias bm_1_3 "say ^7I need ^2HELP!!; g_waypointsprite_team_helpme"
alias bm_1_4 "say ^7I am ^0DEAD AS A DOORKNOB; g_waypointsprite_team_danger"
alias bm_1_5 "say ^7I need a ^2WEAPON TO SHOOT PEOPLE; g_waypointsprite_team_here"
alias bm_1_6 ""
alias bm_1_7 ""
alias bm_1_8 ""
alias bm_1_9 ""

alias bm_0_1 "echo 1: Attacking  2: Defending 3: Need Help  4: I'm dead  5: Need weapon; alias bm_1 bm_1_1; alias bm_2 bm_1_2; alias bm_3 bm_1_3; alias bm_4 bm_1_4; alias bm_5 bm_1_5; alias bm_6 bm_1_6; alias bm_7 bm_1_7; alias bm_8 bm_1_8; alias bm_9 bm_1_9"

alias bm_2_1 "say ^1Enemy SEEN; g_waypointsprite_team_danger_p"
alias bm_2_2 "say ^2Enemy FLAG CARRIER seen; g_waypointsprite_team_here_p"
alias bm_2_3 "say ^1Enemy QUAD CARRIER seen; g_waypointsprite_team_danger_p"
alias bm_2_4 ""
alias bm_2_5 ""
alias bm_2_6 ""
alias bm_2_7 ""
alias bm_2_8 ""
alias bm_2_9 ""

alias bm_0_2 "echo 1: Seen  2: Flag carrier seen  3: Quad Carrier Seen; alias bm_1 bm_2_1; alias bm_2 bm_2_2; alias bm_3 bm_2_3; alias bm_4 bm_2_4; alias bm_5 bm_2_5; alias bm_6 bm_2_6; alias bm_7 bm_2_7; alias bm_8 bm_2_8; alias bm_9 bm_2_9"

alias bm_3_1 "say ^7Base is ^2CLEAR"
alias bm_3_2 "say ^7Base is in ^1DANGER^7. Need help ^2defending!"
alias bm_3_3 "say ^7Base is ^1OVERRUN^7!!! Need help to ^1clear it out!!"
alias bm_3_4 ""
alias bm_3_5 ""
alias bm_3_6 ""
alias bm_3_7 ""
alias bm_3_8 ""
alias bm_3_9 ""

alias bm_0_3 "echo 1: Clear  2: In danger  3: Overrun; alias bm_1 bm_3_1; alias bm_2 bm_3_2; alias bm_3 bm_3_3; alias bm_4 bm_3_4; alias bm_5 bm_3_5; alias bm_6 bm_3_6; alias bm_7 bm_3_7; alias bm_8 bm_3_8; alias bm_9 bm_3_9"

alias bm_4_1 "say ^2+100^7 armor taken"
alias bm_4_2 "say ^2+100^7 armor soon (get there ^1ASAP^7)!!!!"
alias bm_4_3 "say ^2+50^7 armor taken"
alias bm_4_4 "say ^2+50^7 armor soon (get there ^1ASAP^7)!!!!"
alias bm_4_5 ""
alias bm_4_6 ""
alias bm_4_7 ""
alias bm_4_8 ""
alias bm_4_9 ""

alias bm_0_4 "echo 1: +100 taken  2: +100 soon  3: +50 taken  4: +50 soon;alias bm_1 bm_4_1; alias bm_2 bm_4_2; alias bm_3 bm_4_3; alias bm_4 bm_4_4; alias bm_5 bm_4_5; alias bm_6 bm_4_6; alias bm_7 bm_4_7; alias bm_8 bm_4_8; alias bm_9 bm_4_9"

alias bm_5_1 "say ^2QUAD^7 taken"
alias bm_5_2 "say ^2QUAD^7 soon (get there ^1ASAP^7)!!!!"
alias bm_5_3 "say ^2Mega Health (+100)^7 taken"
alias bm_5_4 "say ^2Mega Health (+100)^7 soon (get there ^1ASAP^7)!!!!"
alias bm_5_5 "say ^2Item^7 available; g_waypointsprite_team_here_p"
alias bm_5_6 ""
alias bm_5_7 ""
alias bm_5_8 ""
alias bm_5_9 ""

alias bm_0_5 "echo 1: Quad taken  2: Quad soon  3: Mega taken  4: Mega soon  5: Item available; alias bm_1 bm_5_1; alias bm_2 bm_5_2; alias bm_3 bm_5_3; alias bm_4 bm_5_4; alias bm_5 bm_5_5; alias bm_6 bm_5_6; alias bm_7 bm_5_7; alias bm_8 bm_5_8; alias bm_9 bm_5_9"

alias bm_6_1 "vyes"
alias bm_6_2 "vno"
alias bm_6_3 "vcall extendmatchtime"
alias bm_6_4 "vcall endmatch"
alias bm_6_5 ""
alias bm_6_6 ""
alias bm_6_7 ""
alias bm_6_8 ""
alias bm_6_9 ""

alias bm_0_6 "echo 1: Yes  2: No  3: Extend matchtime  4: End game; alias bm_1 bm_6_1; alias bm_2 bm_6_2; alias bm_3 bm_6_3; alias bm_4 bm_6_4; alias bm_5 bm_6_5; alias bm_6 bm_6_6; alias bm_7 bm_6_7; alias bm_8 bm_6_8; alias bm_9 bm_6_9"    

alias bm_7_1 ""
alias bm_7_2 ""
alias bm_7_3 ""
alias bm_7_4 ""
alias bm_7_5 ""
alias bm_7_6 ""
alias bm_7_7 ""
alias bm_7_8 ""
alias bm_7_9 ""

alias bm_0_7 "echo 1: ...  2: ...  3: ...  4: ...  5: ...  6: ...  7: ...  8: ...  9: ...; alias bm_1 bm_7_1; alias bm_2 bm_7_2; alias bm_3 bm_7_3; alias bm_4 bm_7_4; alias bm_5 bm_7_5; alias bm_6 bm_7_6; alias bm_7 bm_7_7; alias bm_8 bm_7_8; alias bm_9 bm_7_9"    

alias bm_8_1 ""
alias bm_8_2 ""
alias bm_8_3 ""
alias bm_8_4 ""
alias bm_8_5 ""
alias bm_8_6 ""
alias bm_8_7 ""
alias bm_8_8 ""
alias bm_8_9 ""

alias bm_0_8 "echo 1: ...  2: ...  3: ...  4: ...  5: ...  6: ...  8: ...  8: ...  9: ...; alias bm_1 bm_8_1; alias bm_2 bm_8_2; alias bm_3 bm_8_3; alias bm_4 bm_8_4; alias bm_5 bm_8_5; alias bm_6 bm_8_6; alias bm_7 bm_8_7; alias bm_8 bm_8_8; alias bm_9 bm_8_9"    

alias bm_9_1 "say ^7I am ^2CORNHOLIO^7 - I need ^2TP^7 for my ^0BUNGHOLE"
alias bm_9_2 "say ^9G^7O^9O^7D ^9G^7A^9M^7E"
alias bm_9_3 "say ^2CONGRATULATIONS ^0/^4 NICE ONE!!"
alias bm_9_4 "say ^0OHAAIIII ^2Happy Fragging ^0/ ^2Have Fun ^0/^2 Good Luck!!"
alias bm_9_5 "say ^7See you around / Be back!!"
alias bm_9_6 "say ARGLGLGLGLGLGL!!"
alias bm_9_7 ""
alias bm_9_8 ""
alias bm_9_9 ""

alias bm_0_9 "echo 1: cornholio  2: gg  3: n1  4: hi  5: cu  6: ...  9: ...  8: ...  9: ...; alias bm_1 bm_9_1; alias bm_2 bm_9_2; alias bm_3 bm_9_3; alias bm_4 bm_9_4; alias bm_5 bm_9_5; alias bm_6 bm_9_6; alias bm_8 bm_9_8; alias bm_9 bm_9_9"    

alias bm_main "echo 1: Me  2: Enemy  3: Base  4: Armor  5: Item  6: Voting; alias bm_1 bm_0_1; alias bm_2 bm_0_2; alias bm_3 bm_0_3; alias bm_4 bm_0_4; alias bm_5 bm_0_5; alias bm_6 bm_0_6; alias bm_7 bm_0_7; alias bm_8 bm_0_8; alias bm_9 bm_0_9"

bind KP_INS "bm_main"
bind KP_END "bm_1"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "bm_2"
bind KP_PGDN "bm_3"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "bm_4"
bind KP_5 "bm_5"
bind KP_RIGHTARROW "bm_6"
bind KP_HOME "bm_7"
bind KP_UPARROW "bm_8"
bind KP_PGUP "bm_9"

bind 0 "bm_main"
bind 1 "bm_1"
bind 2 "bm_2"
bind 3 "bm_3"
bind 4 "bm_4"
bind 5 "bm_5"
bind 6 "bm_6"
bind 7 "bm_7"
bind 8 "bm_8"
bind 9 "bm_9"

EDIT: added some messages, fixed some typos..
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

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