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Hello, Xonotic!

I came to find recently about the Nexuiz splintering. A sad affair for all parties involved. I'm a long time player of Nexuiz (version 1.2), and while I never contributed to the community, I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this specific fork.

One of the reasons I actually stopped playing Nexuiz in 2.5 was a very obvious lack of an art direction. While I don't want to sound cynical, or point fingers, I do sincerely hope that the same thing doesn't happen again.

I'll also be extremely interested in the direction in which the game is going to be taken. As it stands now it appears as though the old Nexuiz code is going to be used. I would love to hear where the code base of Xonotic is going.

I would also like to briefly comment on the use of git for development.

It is awesome.

I am a bit curious though as to the decisions that were made to host it on the Xonotic servers, rather than a website with a larger community, such as github.

Regardless, I wish the development team luck in their endeavors, and hopefully I may be able to contribute in some way shape or form Smile

For artstyle devellopement, give a look here:

Very interesting thread

Also keep an eye on the dev wiki

Which contains very interesting things too!

Also almost every one is on irc: #xonotic @ quakenet -->oups! was talking to you on irc when I wrote this.... XD
give it a look!
Thanks to the devs!
PM me if you need something... I'll be happy to help for any translation work needed...

The community is on #xonotic on quakenet (and you can talk about whatever you want there), but the devs (and development topics) are in #xonotic on freenode.

The rational, I think, for not using github was to allow greater control. We can do more things with the server than we could with github. Also, no size restrictions.


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