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[SUGGESTION] xonotic does text to speech when somebody caps!

xonotic can have simple but definitive text to speech that announces names out loud in special circumstances such as when a player captures the flag.

when Dokujisan caps, all players hear "blue team scores. doe koo." for example.

i believe an idea like this could make the xonotic experience more personable than many other games in the genre.

implementation: (please grow this thread if want)

in the prefs, there can be a field for people to enter the phonetic pronunciation of their name if they desire. this could lead to alllll kinds of fun because xonotic will 'try' to say whatever people type in there as long as its only 2 or 3 syllables.

all phonetic syllables can be super-small .ogg files that reside in the sounds folder.


Incredibly difficult to implement, and even worse if "XAYGFAYKFGAYKF" caps.
All in all, not worth it.

fixed poll.

Let me clarify my response.

The problem with this idea is that the pronunciation of a name cannot be done by just slapping together some sound files. Speech synthesis is a complex thing (really). Just playing the sounds corresponding to the different characters would sound so robotic that you probably wouldn't understand anything. On top of this, there are names that you can't even pronounce, so that would make it more confusing.

Conclusion: the idea is good and cool, but it's implementation is too complex to pay off.

Anyway, keep thinking, ideas are always good. Smile

In QuakeWorld, we had /name for your full name, and /nick for your short version for team-play communication binds.
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If you were to strip the punctuation from the name (ie, "[CLAN]player" would become "CLAN player"), you could use something like Google TTS to pronounce it as well as cache the sound for future use. Although this entire process would take 0.5-1s, and I'm not sure how happy Google would be if we used their TTS for Xonotic Wink

To sidestep the issue, you could include the TTS URL as a CVAR (ie, cl_ttsurl=""%NAME") which is not set by default, and the user can change it to a Xonotic community created utility if they wish.

Try Google's TTS out:"text to say here", ie"Dokujisan"

IF you were feeling REALLY ambitious, you could even use speech to text and text to speech for the ingame chat, which could be kind of like voice chat.
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(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

This sounds cool on paper. But it would never work even in 10 years this would not work well in any game. Even if it was added to xonotic I would disable it as I see it as a massive waste of resources.

Would be a waste of time and would be an annoyance, especially on maps like EggandBacon.
[Image: xonoticbychatot.png]

I belive there are plenty on libraries that can be used for easy voice synthesis.
Just every player would have to define his short-nick for TTS and chat.
Or let's make a division for nick (a short name), clan, prefix, suffix and so on - to let the game show everybody the right inforamtion in a unified way, and to hande the name TTS well.
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Because this is worth the added bulk.

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