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Low fidelity graphics for best performance.

Could someone help me set up a config for a low-fidelity graphics, something alike what you can achieve in Quake, such as 'r_picmip 10'.
Would be amazing, I can't concentrate with the blinding flashing lights from the Nex.

Also, I would appreciate if someone would give me tips on binding the weapons to my keyboard, because coming from Quake and having so many similiar weapons is rather confusing.

some tips.

1) use autobuild version - , Xonotic-low is suggested for old PCs
2) gl_picmip_world 8 or r_showsurface 3.

Check out this post for extreme low-fi:
And check other threads in this subforum for more tips.

As for binds, there's really not much to say... Bind keys around your movement keys for easy access, perhaps set up some weapon priority lists that you can then bind to keys. Here's how to do it: use the advanced config dialog or the console or edit a configuration file and set up the cl_weaponpriority1 to cl_weaponpriority9 cvars. Have a look at how cl_weaponpriority0 is set: in the default git config it's "minstanex nex fireball grenadelauncher uzi hagar rifle electro rocketlauncher crylink minelayer shotgun hlac tuba laser porto seeker hook", that's all the weapons in the default "best weapon" order.

So if you want to bind a key to both the nex and the rocket launcher, you set cl_weaponpriority1 to "nex rocketlauncher", then bind a key to "impulse 221" (in the console: bind b "impulse 221" for the B key for example). This will cycle through the weapons in the list 1 when you press that key.

The impulse codes can be found in the cvar's descriptions. In the current git:
cl_weaponpriority0: impulse 200 for prev gun from this list, 210 for best gun, 220 for next gun
cl_weaponpriority1: impulse 201 for prev gun from this list, 211 for best gun, 221 for next gun
cl_weaponpriority2: impulse 202 for prev gun from this list, 212 for best gun, 222 for next gun
cl_weaponpriority3: impulse 203 for prev gun from this list, 213 for best gun, 223 for next gun
cl_weaponpriority4: impulse 204 for prev gun from this list, 214 for best gun, 224 for next gun
cl_weaponpriority5: impulse 205 for prev gun from this list, 215 for best gun, 225 for next gun
cl_weaponpriority6: impulse 206 for prev gun from this list, 216 for best gun, 226 for next gun
cl_weaponpriority7: impulse 207 for prev gun from this list, 217 for best gun, 227 for next gun
cl_weaponpriority8: impulse 208 for prev gun from this list, 218 for best gun, 228 for next gun
cl_weaponpriority9: impulse 209 for prev gun from this list, 219 for best gun, 229 for next gun

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