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A beginner's question

I have tried today to set up a custom server, but I got stuck while executing it. I changed some minor things the server.cfg file and ran the script (server_windows.bat, but I've also tried on Linux), but then it showed me an error message:
There is already a signed private key for 0.
Server using port 26000.
Server listening on addres
Server listening on address [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0]:26000.
execing server.cfg
Host_Mingled: time stepped forward <went from 0.000000 to 6860.718000, difference 6860.718000>
Maplist contains no single playable map! Resetting it to default map list.
menu: program is not loaded
Server using port 26000.
Server listening on addres
Server listening on address [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0]:26000.
I can't understand how to tweak it correctly. The IP seems very strange since even if I change it to my IP in server.cfg it remains the same. And maplist contains all default maps! The line "program is not loaded" is quite weird too.

It might help if you post your config files.

#3 is fine, unless your server has multiple IP addresses. This means it listens on port 26000 on the default interface.

You are not launching your server correctly because it can not find the data files. Where did you put the script? It should be placed in the parent directory to its original directory. Does the log indicate that server.cfg was correctly read ("execing server.cfg" with no error following)?

EDIT: Actually that menu error seems normal, I get it too. The server doesn't need menu progs to run. So what exactly is the problem? Your server seems to be running fine.

EDIT2: If you post your config, don't forget to hide your rcon password.

If your problem is that the server is not accessible or visible in the list, make sure you have forwarded port 26000 (or whichever port you're using) in UDP mode in your firewall.

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