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Xonotic Nationscup - Sign up here

You should PM each of them. Isn'n there a list of them somewhere?

EDIT: You can send a single PM to multiple people, too.


Now I wait...


Hello. Are you interested in playing Hutty?

God damn it people. I can see why the teams were taken down, no-one bothers replying! Tongue

I'm currently at university so I won't be able to play...
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

yes ... im interested ...

I just am busyer now .. so I can't keep tabs on every forum post like I used too

I am usually on irc
and forum pms work wonderfully ...

The only reason I havn't been involved is the team leader has not set up (and contacted me about) a match time ...

Put me down for the US. If I cant go for the us, ill be in the UK group

United Kingdom? Smile



Way to late now even if it was possible, because majority of the group games have been played now in it. It can be an idea for the next one though.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @

If that's the case then Mr B, you can close the thread.

But yeah, I think this will be something to consider next time. Smile

It's fun how you summon me, like I'm an omnipresent being. Welp.

I am interested. Username MIK3 from the United States.

I think it's too late to sign up, but I may be wrong...

Hey guys! I want to represent Ukraine on XNC2012!! I play Xonotic quite good. Nick: [Alien]

The tournament started a long long time ago and the sign ups are closed.

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