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[Q] Sandstorm map - Mechs

Hi there,

I noticed the map called sandstrom where players would climb into Mechs! ( I have did not work out how to climb out of these, yet).

I have this set to DM on my server, but its pretty useless especially as the machine gun turrents kill all players within 5 seconds.

Does anyone know how this should work and in which game mode?


To get out, use the "use" key (I think it's called "drop flag" in the menu?). Kill the turrets from a distance, maybe use the vehicles to take them down.

I think it's meant to be played in CTF.

Cheers. I shall look to assign the key somewhere.

The DM server loads this map, which won't work in DM very well.

I looked in the server.cfg but did not see anything resembling g_dontloadthismap 'list of maps to ignore'

Map voting is enabled but sadly not ideal. Is there a way to exclude the map?

Remove it from the server? Put the .pk3 in a directory other than data. It can be a subdirectory of data, doesn't matter. Or rename the pk3 to change its extension.

Shame, because the server instances all share the same data directory.

You can set your g_maplist correctly but I'm not sure that prevents maps from being voted.

or edit its .mapinfo to exclude dm

sandstorm.mapinfo Wrote:title Sandstorm
description Test Map for Vehicles
author Pow!
has weapons
gametype dm
gametype ctf
gametype lms
gametype arena
gametype tdm
gametype ca
gametype freezetag
gametype rune
gametype keepaway
cdtrack 5


Quote:title Sandstorm
description Test Map for Vehicles
author Pow!
has weapons
gametype ctf
cdtrack 5

in maps/ inside sandstorm.pk3

I've always thought a command to change map directories would be awesome. Something like g_mapfolder or g_mapdir.

Maps have nothing special compared to other pk3s.

There's a command, gamedir, that changes the game directory, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I succeeded in separating my files in server files and client files in Nexuiz, but I can't get it to work with Xonotic.

Actually I get an alloc error with it. I submitted a bug report.

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