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Vehicle Controls Documentation

Assault is my favourite gametype.
But where can I find details on all controls and fire modes of vehicles?

Wondering how I can drop flares in the plane.
How to lock on targets quicker (some people can lock real quick and at long distance, where I always lose lock 10 times before it sticks)

ok found it after some trial and error

- Early locks can be made with zoom in (middle mouse)
- in firemode with the [ ] crosshair, Right Mouse is the flare, you see the dashboard light up a bit.
- in the spider high trajectory rocket artillery is under the O cursor

cursors/firemodes for vehicles can be switched with the weapon switch keys (scrollwheel)

what?? flares?? ... since when Big Grin Big Grin ... awesome

Im not sure if they actually work on rockets yet

This stuff is preliminary/perhaps temporary/unfinished.. but here we go.

Secondary weapon selection (spider, raptor) is done with mousewheel, the crosshair indicated what one you have selected.

Target locking is done by aiming at a target for long enough. The better the aim, the faster the lock, nothing more to it.

Flares confuse *most* auto-guided rockets (turrets, racer). They also attract the fire/attention of turrets. Manual guided, like the rocket launcher and the spider's are not affected. The TAG-seeker rockets are also unaffected. Note that the flares have fairly limited range, so you must time the release well or they wont 'catch' the incoming missile/s.

Does it mean it uses the weapprev/weapnext binds, or is the mousewheel hardcoded? I'm asking because I unbound my mousewheelup/down.

Maybe when we need documentation for vehicles it should be written in the style of an owners handbook:

Quote:Congratulations on your purchase of the Amalgamated Motors Spider GTi. May it give you many hours of happy stomping. Before using your Spider it is strongly recommended that you familiarise yourself with this manual and take note of all safety notices and maintenance guidlines.

Note: Care must be taken when installing a childseat in the front passenger seat on models with a passenger airbag fitted*. Please make sure to disable the airbag function to prevent injury.

* Some markets, definitely not in India or Latin America.
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(07-14-2012, 04:59 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Does it mean it uses the weapprev/weapnext binds...
iirc it uses weapprev/weapnext, yes (i don't have easy access to the code atm, but i cant imagine why i would have done it any other way).


Raptor is the flying one, right?
Walker is the heavy one, with dual miniguns and rockets.
Uhh.. Hover is very fast hovering one with boost on the SPACE button and laser amd lock-on missilos.
And i think the spider-like one is the spider.
And there is also the E-Wheel, but it is computercontrolled.

Soo, the question: how do you get into the spider? It looks like it is also computer controlled.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

spider's the heavy player controled mech. walker's the AI one.

Thank you for explaing.
That mech doesnt look look like a spider at all.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

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