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How to bind 1st/3rd-person view switch?

What I want is a button that can change between 1st/3rd person view. I'm not a console genius and I couldn't find a way through settings so I wonder if it's possible. And would be even better if there is a way to set the camera to switch to 3rd person automatically when I enter a vechile.

Go into Xonotic, open the cmd window (hold shift and press tab), then type seta "userbind22_release" "toggle chase_active"

You might need to restart the game, I'm not sure.

Then go into the binds menu (in settings) and then find the userbind (scroll to the bottom) and then select a key for it. I've set it so that whenever I press the hash key (#) I go into 3rd person.

Repeat the process with these commands:

seta "userbind24_press" "chase_back 400; chase_up 50"

seta "userbind25_press" "chase_back 100; chase_up 10"

and assign different keyboard buttons for both of them if you want. These commands change the views you get when in 3rd person. The first one is great when you are in vehicles, the second one is better when you're on foot.

Every time you start Xonotic, going into third person will always use a default camera angle so you definitely need to press the binds in order to change the views. I'm not sure how to change the default camera angles for 3rd person...

(09-13-2012, 12:57 PM)rocknroll237 Wrote: ...

The point of userbinds is that you can set them in the menu!

Smilecythe, don't type that stuff in the console, just select free "User defined" slot in the binds menu and click edit. You can type the toggle chase_active and friends in the windows that pop up.

I would also instead set these commands on press and not on release, it's much more responsive that way.

You can also tweak the values for chase_back and chase_up as you wish, from the console this time. Just join or start a game, bring up the console with shift escape, and type these
chase_active 1
chase_back 48
chase_up 24
chase_pitchangle 55
or retype any of the last three with different values as you wish. The values I listed here are the defaults (except for chase_active of course, which is 0).

Fine, do it the easy way then! Big Grin


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