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Wow, just wow.


This. Is. EPIC!

Reminds me of when I saw and played Star Lancer as a kid of how awesome that was.

But this is on a whole new level 0.o

welll ... its not descent 4 ... but it does look interesting ....

and pc gaming is soooo not dead ...

if it was minecraft wouldn't exist at all ... nor would steam ...

There seems to be quite a lot of space sims lately (which is a good thing), but ppl tend to come back to Freespace 2 anyway. To change that I think a space sim would need something really original, like realistic space flight physics and NO SOUND in space, no explosions, none of all that bullshit that we all know too good from hollywood movies... but then it would probably be too hard to play for anyone and not really too fun to play... ah well ;-)
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PC gaming is certainly not dead, but space sims are. I wonder how the X3 guys keep going.

Also, that graphical quality is too good to be true! Too. Good. To. Be. True!
A shame there will probably not be a Linux version available. Sad

Quote:PC gaming is certainly not dead, but space sims are.

Not completely true.

Freespace 2 is constantly being developed. In fact, they released this yesterday:

People still play Tachyon online and there are also quite a few mods for other games.

I see your point though. Compared to games like CoD, space sims have extremely small player bases. Let's just hope Star Citizen converts some people!

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