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elo again

so this match happened:
I would like to know 2 things, why TNT doesn't has this match in his stats
and secondly, why xsax got 21 elo for defeating worse player while playing with #3 ctf player.

TNT had stats disabled.
He is not much worse than you are regarding elo, just around 20 points less, and he won with a rather high lead.
[Image: 11878.png]

What I meant was that he had more elo than me and why on earth was hre rewarded so much. On most matches its usually between 1 to 5.

He has roundabout the same elo as you. The difference in score is rather huge (272 to 147). I can't tell you more, if you want to know more about the algorithm, take a look at the source code.
[Image: 11878.png]

Anonymous player in that game has only 12 ctf games recorded (see the number beside his CTF Elo on his player info page), meaning his K-value way higher than yours. The K-value is the prime scaling factor in the Elo equation.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Thought it was something like this, ok I'll go crawl under some rock.

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