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Hello, my name is Diogo and I'm from Portugal and i started playing xonotic 2 days ago! What a great game! I'm a former player of ut 99 and ut 3. Normally I'm connected to xonotic and xonotic.pickup on irc but i would like to know if someone can advise me some good servers to practice..duel, dm, tdm.. with nw, not instagib mode. Hope to cu all ingame!


I recommend the DCC server (Plain = DM, Laid Back = CTF) for practising or pickup games like Clan Arena. There are people who can show you some tricks. Feel free to ask. Smile

Pickup channel for duel, Clan arena, CTF and TDM games with experienced players.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Welcome, nice to see more UT players. Smile

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