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[Minsta Duel] Den of Rape

Den of Rape - The world's premiere spawn rape map

[Image: rapeeee.png]

Remember Endif from Quakeworld and whatever that QL equivalent "EyeToEye" was called back in the day? With it's own fashion Den of Rape shoves itself in that same type of gameplay, this time with Minstanex guns! Den of Rape is a simple cube shaped map done by Mossepo by my sheer request, all the credits goes to Mossepo! The map has 8 spawns on each symmetrical corner and you cannot move out from them. The map focuses solely on using your mouse, the one with faster mouse and accuracy simply wins. This map is indeed one of it's kind because you can also drink or masturbate while you play. Recommended to play with random spawn system and with as little protective shield as possible. Works best in 1vs1, but who knows it's murica.

The map includes an original soundtrack by me and CMCW. Enjoy

Download DenOfRape.pk3

" you can also drink or masturbate while you play "

Two years waited for this feature

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