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Evil Ant Hill

Evil Ant Hill, EAC clan server.

This server has already been online for a while anyway here are all the details:

IP: offline
Location: Europe/France Canada
Mutators: Minsta+Hook
Admins: Floris Melanosuchus
Nades: votable with nades and nonades. When enabled a standard nade is available by pressing G (drop weapon), a bonus "special" nade is given if you get 6 frags in a row.
Game types: votable: dm, tdm, dom, ft, inf, jb, kh
All game types are selectable with a voting screen at the end of each match.
Other Votes:
  • shut_up name_or_id and dont_shut_up name_or_id to mute/unmute players
  • teams number to change the number of teams (restarts the current game)
  • zombie/nozombie toggles the zombie apocalipse mutator (restarts the current game)
  • duel/noduel toggles duel (1v1 dm) and disables the gametype voting screen
Quickmenu: There's a custom quickmenu available with settings and commands.
Ponies: Of course we have them!

Misc scripts:

Channel: #eac.xonotic on QuakeNet
Operators: All EAC members
Prefix messages with minsta to have them seen in the server.
Players can prefix a message with !admin and the admins will be notified on IRC
To list the active players in the server highlight the server bot and say minsta who


The server has been moved to North America and the map list has been significantly reduced.
Everything else remains the same.

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