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Sticker stores?

Wanna buy some cool stickers to pimp my new laptop the only place I know of is this: uggc://jjj.havkfgvpxref.pbz/

Does anyone know of other sites like this? (which are legit...)

(rot13 all links please, we don't wanna make this some kind of advertisement thread)

that site looks so sketchy i'm not going to Tongue

what kind of stickers are you looking for? brands? music?

Oh forgot to mention that, general GNU/Linux and programming stuff. I really want a Haskell sticker, open source logo or FSF logo or sth. Besides that just random stuff (that is still sane Tongue) I can bomb my laptops back with. Smile

I like they have those high quality vinyl stickers that are just as good if not better than the ones that comes on pre-built machines. Have had one on my laptop where I rest my palm for over a year now and its showing no signs of wear.

They shipped from Italy when I ordered, i'm in the US so it took some time but other than that no complaints. They also accept Bitcoin if you happen to have some laying around.
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