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DeathMatch Radio introduces itself to Xonotic.

Hello, my name is vi0lat0rs I am the owner of DeathMatch Radio.

DeathMatch Radio is a competitve eSports Stream streaming to provide coverage comparable to major TV sports networks.

We are excited to have found Xonotic and the wonders of its gameplay and I love the game so much I have decided to make it the official game of DeathMatch Radio Smile

We look forward to helping build popularity of 1v1 Duel through Xonotic as we feel it is infact the most skillful platform available today for free to all players with no subscription fee to play competitively. /

About Me: I have dueled in nearly every 1v1 game - QW, Q3, Q4, QL, CPM, UT2k4, PK, WSW, UT3, HL2DM - so I carry alot of experience on duel games.

That being said - I am going to be featuring a series for new players to watch to learn how to play the game better

I look forward to growing this game.

Yay, hello. Smile

High there!
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Welcome Violators. I think you'll find one of the best things about Xonotic is its accepting community and overall friendliness.
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Welcome and looking forward to your contributions! I gather you'd be wanting to organize duels, to cast duel commentaries and maybe to set up tournaments? Explaining the mechanics of Xonotic in duel commentaries could be a very positive side effect for Newbies, as they'd learn about Xonotic mechanics on the fly... You might want to check out the Newbie Corner if you haven't already to get a deeper insight into the mechanics yourself - some of the aspects are not really self-explanatory :o)
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New to Xonotic? Check out the Newbie Corner!


asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Welcome, really do hope it adds some activity to this game. Cups on xonotic has pretty much dried for now.
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