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Install ATI OpenSource Drivers? How? (Old laptop broke :( (hinges), needed to buy new

Install ATI OpenSource Drivers? How? (Old laptop broke Sad (hinges), needed to buy new laptop).

I can't find anywhere that explains step by step how to install the good opensource ATI drivers (I'm using debian). The software accel is too slow to really edit in netradiant any big maps so I need the accelleration of the opensource drivers. I can't use the closed source drivers because I am going to use a PAX enabled kernel (grsec).

Does anyone know how to install the latest opensource drivers people are working on? Or what they're even called, the net talks about only the proprietary drivers. I would have bought intel again if their gfx cards were still OSS but they aren't (back sliding ) so I tried ati but they certainly don't work out of the install at all.

I want to get working on xonotic stuff again, this getting and installing on new laptop has killed 2 days of work Sad I could have had 4 more buildings done in that time (with interiors).

I figure Z might know how to get this working. Can you help me? I am losing dev time because of my fucking lenovo laptop breaking BOTH hinges AGAIN making it unusable as the screen flops around.

Also I installed an intel SSD in new laptop.
I was making good progress but now this install has halted my architectual stuff. I hate installing linux.

I've never had good luck with any pre-AMD ATI chipset under Linux and the last time I installed the OFFICIAL drivers, the system I was working on failed to boot. On top of that the open source drivers I used weren't that great either.

Oh wait.

apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati

This should get you up and running. The OS driver on X1950 Pro is good enough to get smooth kwin desktop effects, but I didn't try it with any games though.

You might want to try also:
apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd
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