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+roll_right vs. +right

I'm wondering what's the difference between +roll_right and +right (and their left counterparts)?

+roll_right is only acceptable during demo playback, but it's giving me
Command "+roll_right" can not be executed.

Is there a reason for +roll_right to exist?

Looking at this yaw, pitch, roll illustration should make it clear.

+lookup and +lookdown control pitch,
+left and +right control yaw,
+roll_left and +roll_right would control roll, but I see no mention of them in the code, so I'm wondering where you got that from.

EDIT: Oh okay, it's a demo camera command. You need to set the cvar camera_enable to 1.

Ah, thanks, Mr. Bougo. That's much more clear now.

So we have 3 modes: demo, spec, and game. These movement commands work for all modes:
  • moveUp/moveDown
  • forward/back
  • strafe left/right

These rotation commands only work in specific modes:
  • lookUp/lookDown (pitch) work in spec and game
  • left/right (yaw) only work in spec and game
  • roll_left/roll_right (roll) only work in demo

I understand roll_left/roll_right doesn't make sense in the game play, but users can always choose not to bind those keys.

On the other hand, I would like to have pitch and yaw in the demo mode. (Yes, the mouse can do almost the same thing, given a very steady hand.)

Why not make all of them work all the time?

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