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Monitors and refresh rates

I've had pretty much a 60Hz monitor for as long as I can remember. I don't necessarily have the money to buy a new monitor and don't see the need to buy one anyways. However, I do hear a lot of chatter on the internet about people who have switched and said they've noticed a big difference. Are you one of those people who has switched? Is the difference noticeable and did it help you play better? Which monitor would you recommend in the future for others like me?
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Nothing to contribute to this, except for my amazement of what tiny details like this start making a difference at your level. I wouldn't be surprised if one day you are talking about shortening your Ethernet cable.

I'm back to wireless Wink

I'd figure out of anyone here BuddyFriendGuy you'd be the most knowledgeable on these things.
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lol. I actually know very little about that so I googled it.

However, I think you need somebody who actually has the hardware, and has your skill level to tell you whether an upgrade would help or not.

All my friends who tried higher refreshrate say nearly the same thing. Returning to 60hz, feels like how a 60hz user would feel 30fps or below. I don't have the money or the need for an upgrade, but I'm guessing it really does make a difference. One friend of mine even said that it felt like cheating.

Its fast and simple; YES it is a HUGE difference. I refused to buy a flatscreen monitor for a long time, as i used to play with a CRT monitor, which is basically lagless... even then i've always noticed the horribility of a 60hz flat. In my eyes, it would never have been an upgrade! Until 2014 i really had to change, due to problems with my Old Trustworthy.

Been playing with a 60hz couple of times, and the difference is really mindblowing; there is absolutely no way for me to go 'back' to anything lower than this one, Benq xl2411z 144hz.

For a gamer, i'd say the monitor is probably the most important thing to upgrade, with a mouse ofcourse. I'd sacrifice a lot of other performance from my computer, rather than changing my current monitor Smile

Well, CRT monitors produce a much larger strain on the eyes then LCD monitors.

In my opinion, 60 hz is fully sufficient, anything above is an unnecessary luxury. Also, I had problems believing that "stone-age" CRT monitors could possibly be in any aspect better then LCD ones.
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I set 120hz, highly reccomended

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