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Questions from new mapper

- How do I set up a skybox (want to do outdoor map with few enterable buildings) - watched this tutorial, but it seems like setting up skybox in Xonotic is different.
- How do I add patch terrain?
- How do I test map after building?
- What are technical dos and don'ts when making map?

Basically you can add a square around your map and apply a skybox texture. That should be the easiest way.

To test your map, put your "mymapname.bsp" file into a folder called "maps". Additionally you want to have a "mymapname.mapinfo" file later (open other pk3 to check their content, you create such files with a txt editor) in the same folder and your "" file if you want to release the source as well.
Then you zip the "maps" folder and rename it to "mymapname.pk3".
Navigate into ~\xonotic\data [config.cfg. is located in that folder] and drop the pk3 file there. Now it should show up in the "Create" menu. You can also run with via console (Shift+ESC) with "map mymapname.bsp"
You can test all custom maps by putting them into your data folder. But I would never put all of them, because they might cause some problems with your client. Stuff you downloaded from a server is located in ~xonotic\data\dlcache .

Where is xonotic\data\dlcache on Windows? Also, thank you.

C:\Users\Youruser\Saved Games\xonotic


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