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Does anyone know if there are plans to support Vulkan and/or DirectX12?
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DirectX12 is Win10 only, so that will not happen.

Supporting Vulkan would be quite some work, so I don't think that will happen. Imo the time needed to port the engine to vulkan is better spent elsewhere.

I already asked this once on IRC, There isn't any at the moment. I doubt you'll be seeing that many games getting Vulkan Support besides Dota 2 Reborn, The Talos Principle, or W.N.C. Infantry anytime soon, even though Vulkan was recently released.
The list here is very small.
[Image: 29025.png]

If plans to port to the Deamon engine (Unvanquished) are not off the table yet, it is at least possible as they have some quite active engine developers and in general there are probably quite a few people interested in making a Quake3 vulkan port (for educational purposes).

On Darkplaces I would assume the likeliness of a Vulkan port is near zero.

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