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[solved] func_door_rotating

Hi all,

Anybody has a map source with func_door_rotating example? (I'm converting a map from another q3 game but can't figure out why it doesn't work in Xonotic).

Thanks in advance.

From my past experience rotating doors are half broken in xonotic, and only seem to work on the z axis. I believe redplanet has some, if you needed an example.

Thank you so much, hutty! That's exactly what I needed, a working example. It solved my problem. This is what I learned:
  • Looking from top down, the counterclockwise rotation angle is positive; the clockwise rotation angle is negative.
  • The brush of the rotation center should be "common/origin" (To avoid namespace clashing, I had converted all common in the old map, which was made for World of Padman, to wop_common, not realizing some brushes are reserved and have special functions.)

PS: I didn't try the X and Y axis rotation, and the source code also says it was untested. However, from divVerent's thread, it should work, too.

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