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[CTF/DM] Dred Tron

Well this started out as a simple map that was going to look like AtarI Tanks but somehow it ended up as Tron. Don't ask as I don't know myself.

This is an alpha release and it needs proper weapon placement and some more fancy Xonotic branding. Also will look into adding a Tron like sky, just using a sky from Netradiant atm.

You're more then welcome to modify this map just leave my credit first and add your after it Smile


.pk3   dred-tron_a1_r1.pk3 (Size: 902.89 KB / Downloads: 8)
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Hey end user,

I did try your map. I feel you need to make the layout a little more developed. The layout is very minimal, but that could be your objective. Some minimal maps are played alot in ctf mode. Also the space under the map is far too small according to my likes.

Besides, the ground texture did not load when i played the map. Maybe check that one.

I really like you took up the effort to do some mapping. Plz proceed!!!

Try some of my maps too: ruinctf, barena, handonctf, float and centermatch.

Take care,

[Image: 39855.png]

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