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So, since there's been a thread for Overwatch, Quakechamps, Doom and Reflex - here's one for Diabotical discussion, first impressions and cynical opinions.

Check their kickstarter page out here:

My own first impression is that the combat looks a bit like Xonotic. Fast weapon combos and lots of vertical action. Apparently it wont be for Linux though, which is a bummer again.

Steam and Windows = Fail.
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God the audio on that video is awful. Hope they don't have stale memes peppered throughout the actual game
Editor looks good though, and the game seems to be in a much better state than it was when I played it (which was admittedly just the minecraftblocks era)
Hopefully they beef up the movement though. Looks a bit floaty

No Tux = No Bux.

I was impressed when I first saw the trailer. I had not followed 2GD or the diabotical seen at all. Although, its obvious its just another Quake 3 clone with slight variations (my favorite). I'm sure ill buy it but I doubt ill get hooked and have the same amount of fun like I had in Xonotic. A few players may flock but once the new Quake comes out they'll just flock again to another Arena FPS.
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Some kickstarter updates:

Skip to 6:00 if you don't care for James' shtick.

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