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[SUGGESTION] Speedcap records

Lately i've been trying CTS a bit... I noticed there if you make a record and you change your name, the name the record is on also changes. I was wondering if that system can also be used for capture the flag records.


Could you please clarify what you're asking for? CTS records are currently stored on a per-server basis but not in XonStat. CTF records are stored on both (though I shouldn't have done map-global captimes like this due to the wide variety of configs out there).
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I assume vega means the records that are accessible using the records command. If so, I am against the idea. With the current system, I can purposefully set my name to something funny (or to a rant about old programming languages that should die) before achieving the record, thus leaving a semi permanent message on the server. I don't want them to be gone unless someone manages to break my records.

If however people like the idea so much that it gets implemented, can it at least be optional using a cvar?
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Well maybe with an example i can make my suggestion a bit more clear. On the element CTF + Instagib server i have pretty much every record, which is seen when using the 'records' command. On the map too_easy i was actually messing around with a name "...." and broke the record with that name. Now my main name is ofcourse NOT .... but element vega or something along those lines. My suggestion is that when i change my name, the name that holds the records also changes. So it would use a player id (i guess?) instead of a name for the records. This is the case for CTS records and i would love to see it for CTF as well.

Hope this makes my suggestion a bit more clear...


So what you dislike is what martin-t enjoys.

I see no other solution than a 1 v 1 CTF speedcap match between you two to settle this.
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