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[SUGGESTION] Quick Guide to Contribution

My proposal is for - as the title suggests - a quick guide to contribution. This would aim to help newcomers to Xotonic, contribution to the project and newcomers to contributing to a GPL'd game in general to guide them down prosperous roads.

The guide would contain:

A short introduction/explanation of the GPL license and what that means for any code contributed, whether you retain copyright or not

What license artwork has to be put under, why and what this may mean for the artist.

What style of work is acceptable (for artists)

Some quick explanations of basic principles of the contribution process, like threads and mailing lists to partake in, people to contact to get code and textures/maps included or places to post artwork. Perhaps this would include mention of tools used like Git and recommendations of others like Blender.

Perhaps short introductions to map and texture creation which would then link to more comprehensive guides and forum threads on the subject, or simply a collection of resources of said guides.

Some references for limitations of what can be achieved at that current time, perhaps an overall "tricks and tips" section.

I would be happy to write the guide myself, but have little to no experience with development, so would still need input and help into certain sections should things like map and texture creation if that were to be in it. I've written fairly in depth guides before for other sites, which you can see here and the other here.

Any further ideas for what such a guide should contain (whilst still being accessible and aimed at newbies)?

Yes something similiar to what I had over at the nexuiz forums and a dedicated either wiki page or static one.


some sort of "put your email adress here:( ) and we will contact you."

BUT of course, there is just a pre written mail that is sent. With instructions and so on, so we dont end up with, Im sad to say, people writing: "oh hai guise, need halp? Is I good enough? Hire me!)))"-Thread.

Excellent suggestion. We have such plans for our public Wiki.

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