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[NEED HELP] I need Assistance to complete my research paper


I'm writing a research paper on Level design in multiplayer FPS games and need player position data for several matches (preferably various game modes) to analyse and visualize.
so here is my question.
is there a tool or console command I can use to get the data I need?


Are you referring to some kind of heat map that illustrates the most occupied areas in maps?

Routes are usually pretty obvious in Xonotic even without a visual presentation, I guess knowing the map helps too. Every room and corridor usually has value based on what pickup items lay there - so you can to some extend predict how players will move. Some maps also are harder for some of the weapons, so the value of weapons can sort of fluctuate too. So it's actually more about territorial and resource control than just linear confrontation, sometimes there literally is more value in the items and area than actually scoring kills. So rather than focusing on position, I'd be looking for some kind of route analysis. 

But I guess some blatant position bias can happen too and you can just tell with experience. In Aerowalk for example, I'd argue the vicinity of 100 armor is the most frequent position taken, because of how connected to every major item that spot is and how easy it is to rack up spawn kills from there.

thanks for your help.
yes I'm working on some kind of heat-map.

thanks Lyberta, I think the mutator will do the job, I'll give it a try

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