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CSG Merge Failed

I'm making a CTF map, and for the center there's a glass walkway shaped like an X that looks like attached picture.
I want to make it one entire piece without the glass segments visible, but the problem is, to varying degrees of success I've managed to merge most of it except for the "legs" angled 45 degrees outward.
I tried merging the individual pieces in different orders.
The best I've got was merging the middle platform, the legs unmerged. Trying to merge the legs with the platforms give something like
CSG Merge: Merging 2 brushes.

CSG Merge: Failed - result would not be convex.

Suggestions to make the glass walkway look in one piece?
I attached the map file in case someone wants to give their try at it- just remove the .txt extension.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.txt (Size: 370.87 KB / Downloads: 1)

Does it not work if you simply caulk the inside faces? If not, then maybe as a design compromise just frame the glass into trims. Tongue

I could give that a try. I can't make many tries since maps either don't compile properly, or don't compile at all (crash mid-compilation).

Caulk is indeed the correct approach here. It may be possible to make a single brush out of that complex shape, but you're better off having it as separate brushes (you can make it a func_group if you really want them linked though).
[Image: 230.png]

Use the "nodraw" shader:

    surfaceparm nodraw
    surfaceparm nolightmap
    surfaceparm nonsolid
    surfaceparm trans
    surfaceparm nomarks

And if you want it to be one piece then convert it to model.

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