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It's a rather large map built to hook, jump, slide around. monkey

-skybox, different sky texture
-less dense fog
-removed turrets and added spikes on top of the pillars
-some polish

Download BUMP! (Update1) (10mb)
[Image: lncUONN.jpg]

Just using non-hitscan weapons but made them work for longer range. 
Custom (weapon) balance for: 

Blaster/Laser: Faster bullet, less damage. Only start weapon. (for jumping and disturbing)

(shotgun removed as spawnweapon)

Electro: [Primary] Faster bullet, also firerate, lower damage [Secondary] Sticky mines that pull. Low damage alone. [Combo] strong pull (for movement and defending)
Crylink: [Primary] 2 fast bullets that bounce once, fast fire rate [Secondary] shotgun like. (7x5dmg)

Mortar: [Primary] faster grenade [Secondary] faster grenade, more explosion force, less damage. (for defending)
Hagar: [Primary] fast bullet, bit more damage, slower fire rate [Secondary] none. (sniper)
Rocketlauncher: [Primary] fast rocket, more accurately guided, less damage, slower fire rate, reload, cost 10 ammo[Secondary] none. (siege)

No self damage. No fall damage. Hook (also faster and stronger).

Originally only planned as minsta-ctf map. minstanex

Modes: ctf, dm, tdm, lms, ca, cts, race, ka, ft

Have fun. Smile

Some more screenshots:
[Image: g5JtdGi.jpg?1]

[Image: V2mZhDj.jpg?1]

[Image: vSDCkrt.jpg?1]

wow, I'm not a big fan of grappling gameplay myself but that map looks very nice! And it can probably be a good map to practice! (I already met those nasty turrets Blush)
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Will check it out, thanks para!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

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