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[NEED HELP] Add sides to Bevel?

I have an 8 sided bevel I want to use to cap off a quarter-cylinder with 14 sides for its curve.
The bevel needs to be 14 sided otherwise there will be a noticeable seam.

I only managed to add columns and try to align the points to the quarter cylinder, but the bevel is still 8 sided...

I clicked around the curves menu, but I don't see anything that leads to adding sides to the bevel.

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I'm not sure of what type of cap are you trying to do.

Something like this?

[Image: B8SutTy.png]

Or is it like this?

[Image: J4MuXvl.png]

For simplicity's sake, when making bevels you should always stick to squares with even x/y lenght. The oddity in lenght is rarely worth the trouble. I'm assuming you want something like this: 1 - 2, right?

Ups... sorry. Some explanations:

First screenshot: It is a cap made with "Cap Selection". Then I have inserted and added ROWS.

Second screenshoot: It is a simple Patch Mesh of 3x3. Then I have inserted and added ROWS.


Simplest way to add sides to non 3x3 bevel is to use 'thicken'

I wish it was that simple because that was one of the things I've tried. As far as I can tell, it gets its subdivisions by the size of the brush. Or something unexplained.

It looks like I can get more subdivisions from tinkering with the patch like like Smilecythe suggested.

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@Antares: It could be helpful to see more of your scene. Else why don't you make the wall below also an endcap/bevel. This way you get both textures and no holes in your wall.

That's because majority of the map was not built in NetRadiant and instead was imported. I initially left a hole in thinking capping wouldn't be hard to do in Radiant. I later resorted to importing a cap that fits better though it still means not being able to properly use NetRadiant for what it is.

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Curves have LoD fyi, so only curve+curve junction might be guaranteed to be seamless

I assume the seams would be gone if the vertices were aligned with the existing bevels like I did in the first image (that's with adding columns); I guess it doesn't work that way.

Green points: Look at them as if they were vertices.
Pink points: Look at them as if they were special "control points" to create curves between adjacent Green points.

And if you want Netradiant to show patches more accurately, go to Preferences => Patches => Patch Subdivide Threshold
I have it set to 2.

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