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[SOLVED] Configuring Respawn Rules


I think I must have read every piece of dialogue I can find on the matter, but it's quite literally always a very concise list of commands with respawn instructions listed, to boot. What I want to do is alter my commands, not simply copy them from someone else, as I've yet to determine that anyone has posted a configuration like the one I'm attempting to make.

For one of my game modes, I'd like to set it so that when killed, the player is required to wait a minimum ten seconds. I also want to apply a force-respawn rule, which occurs 20 seconds after the player is killed. So it'll be like this -- Player is killed -> Player is locked out of spawning for ten seconds -> Player can now spawn, or wait for another ten seconds -> If player waits another ten seconds, Player is force-respawned. Is this possible?

The unhelpfully brief but extensive lists of FYIs alongside all of the example commands I've seen don't make linguistic sense without some more context, I suppose. I had hoped it was as simple as telling the server;

g_respawn_delay 10  <-----------------  [to force the player to wait a minimum of ten seconds before spawning]
g_respawn_delay_max 20  <---------  [to force-respawn the player if they wait a total of twenty seconds without respawning manually.]

I don't understand what;
g_respawn_delay_large_count do, and I very marginally get the gist of what

set g_respawn_waves is for. I of course mean all of the mode-specific variants of these commands, too, although I've managed to gather that I'm not going to require all of them. Or is that wrong?

I really want players in this particular cfg to have to wait for a minimum of ten seconds before respawning, but be force-respawned on their twentieth second. And before anyone asks, there are no item pickups on this cfg and the timer is set to 25 minutes (8 life cap), so it's not really all that detrimental to them to wait.

Totally lost here. Any help'd be appreciated.

g_forced_respawn 1
g_respawn_delay_max 20
g_respawn_delay_large 10
g_respawn_delay_small 10

The "small" and "large" are cvars dependant on the amount of players. The "_count" cvars control how many players are needed for either "small" or "large" to go into effect. By default "large_count" is 8, which means that if 8+ players are playing it will use "g_respawn_delay_large".
So if you set both delay cvars to 10, the amount of players does not matter.

However there are also cvars per gamemode, e.g.: g_ctf_respawn_delay_max.
The cvars mentioned above don't seem to work for CTF.
I'm guessing you want to play LMS and for some reason they work there. But I suppose, just to make sure it will work, that you set the values for the gamemode you want to play as well:

g_forced_respawn 1
g_lms_respawn_delay_max 20
g_lms_respawn_delay_large 10
g_lms_respawn_delay_small 10

g_respawn_waves is used for monsters I believe.

Thanks, I'll give that set-up a go.

And thanks for the information.

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