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info on this please

Hi there  ,
A few months ago i started playing this game again , after a break last year.
Now testing a 1v1 server , location The Netherlands , Europe. (still on LAN , get my butt kicked brutally by 16 yeo nephew Tongue )
Can i use pictures / logo´s etc for my website about Xonotic without copyright problems or whatever ?
Website will have info about server and things about this game.
And is there a **simple** way to incorporate a irc channel to my website ?
Have some basic knowledge about html but thats it.
And can somebody give more info on xpm?
Did read some players like some features from it in online play.
Found some .cfg files and little info about it , but still not clear what it is , or what is different to vanilla Xonotic.
Thx for the game Big Grin

Thx for the answers.

I have xpm also up and running now.  Big Grin
Only weird thing is this : it runs duel , you can ready up , and it counts down to zero.
But in the server list it still says DM instead of DUEL ?
Huh   Huh   Huh 
The rest of the servers in that part of the list have all type : Duel
I typ ¨duel¨ in the console and then it changes gametype and to the map Fuse.
But it still says ¨DM¨ instead of ¨DUEL¨
However it plays like 1v1 duel pro-mode style.

How can i get rid of this error?

We don't officially have a game type named "Duel". Duel is just DeathMatch limited to 2 players.

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