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configure the server info

Hi folks Blush

here I.m again with some questions about server configuration (hell not again Rolleyes ) configured my xon server to display a server info when it.s in duel mode with:

set sv_join_notices "blah blah"

Now my questions:

1. Is it possible to show server info only when join server not every match?

2. Is it possible to configure display time? (Default seems 15 sec)

3. Is it possible to get rid of the countdown of time in every line shown in server info??

Thx for all - greetZ Su

1: no, unfortunately there is no way to know if the client just connected or if he was in the last game too.
2: sv_join_notices_time #
3: No, no at the moment, ill try to do sth abt that when i have some free time.

(03-17-2012, 08:04 AM)-maniac|Su- Wrote: 1. Is it possible to show server info only when join server not every match?

It might be possible to write a rcon2irc plugin to spam an admin message to any new players.

ThX for your help ... Heart

GreetZ Su

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