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[SUGGESTION] Instant Invite links to servers

It'd be nice to have instant invite links for Xonotic in a similar manner to joining a Discord server or other chat server. They could link to servers or even specific teams on the server.
To do this, you'd (we'd?) need to handle a protocol (xonotic:// or something of that nature).
This feature would greatly improve the pick-up-and-play nature of the game, one of its strengths, for casual players.
A beta implementation would probably just use IP addresses (toggle between public and private IP address in the Xonotic  UI to generate the link), while a release version would need to hide this (I think, though I'm happy to be corrected).

Good suggestion. We can write a gateway (shell?) to parse the server address and call Xonotic launcher.

Yes, we'll have to do all OSes: LinuxOSX, and Windows. Very doable actually.

Afair unvanquished(daemon) already has that functionality, so one more reason to switch engines to daemon.

Out of the gate, links could auto expire at 24 hours, then more granularity could be added if the functionality seems promising and/or widely used.
Default non-expiring links doesn't seem good though. A checkbox for expiring vs non-expiring links would also work.
I don't know etiquette for opening a feature request in gitlab -- I can try my hand at it though.

(04-24-2019, 12:08 PM)Lyberta Wrote: The usual thing would be that xonotic://connect: just call the xonotic binary with say "-connect" command line parameter or something. I dunno Xonotic parameters for direct connect.

What do you mean by direct connect? Isn't it the same as connect?

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