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My TAS and speedrunning in general

Hello, I am completely new to the forums. I just wanted to share my tool-assisted-speedrun I just made -- I've never done any speedruns, this is just a for-fun thing, but I'd hope it can inspire someone to improve on it, and possibly start a trend of speedrunning Xonotic. Here it is (for a highlight see e.g. 15:05):

There is guide of how you can do this in the video description. Basically slow-down time with the slowmo command... it's also very fun to play this way.

Also here is my non-TAS speedrun (but segmented), which is not that interesting, but is nice for the context:

I'd be happy if someone could improve on these or start doing similar runs. Feel free to share here! Bonus points for keeping everything free and open, as is Xonotic itself.

I also have a question:
I have now been trying to use the save and load commands to save the state mid-level, but they don't seem to work correctly. When I save a game, dosconnect and then load the game, the bots are gone and weird things happen, like teleports being rendered wrong (probably wrongly loaded shaders). Is this still an unimplemented feature or a bug? Or me doing something wrong?

Thanks. Interesting. Noticed that i should pay more attention to Crylink speed-trick.

Unfortunately can\t answer your question being complete noob myself.

\i deleted my first post about being unable to access your links, that was problem on my side

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