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Installed game yesterday, really like it so far...

Hi there! I go by Tooncinator in-game. You may have seen me playing this afternoon/evening. I am quite impressed by the playerbase; the last true arena shooter I played was Unreal Tournament 99, and what I really liked to play was LAN games. I don't think there are many people playing that one anymore, especially not vanilla. What got me a hankering for this sort of game was playing a fellow on Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition. Not too many people playing that either, but it made for some extremely intense matches, because he is really good. A few months later, I heard about this, and installed it. I really like the movement! The bunnyhopping is quite fun. The weapons are great, too. Now I just need to come up with some way to counter that darn Electro, or whatever the weapon in slot 5 is called. Still learning everything... I hope to play more games! This seems to be a great community, and surprisingly still being developed.


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