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New Year Fireworks: 256 bots on Final Rage

Happy 2020 everyone

Warning: Please try this at home. This video was created by a professional.

One match I played on eggandbacon inspired me to set up a deathmatch with 256 bots. Take a look at how I captured this historical event.

You can notice that these superintelligent beings often spawn at the same spot and then proceed to behave completely the same, forming a big bot supercluster that deals a big hyperdamage, while everyone in the cluster is also at the same time trying to bash its brethren in the head. If you watch carefully you will observe a lot of these clusterfucks.

[BOT]Death(5) was leading with 80/100 frags at which point the game crashed.

How I did it:

Set game graphics to very low, using console (bot_number, minplayers, ...) start the game, slow down time (slowmo 0.2), record a demo, set graphics to high, reset slowmo, play the demo and capture as video (cl_videocapture).

Here it is (if lagging/buffering, simply download the video):

That is awesome. Thank you drummyfish!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Very, nice. Well done bots.
Now we have to repeat this with 256 players.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

(01-07-2020, 03:55 PM)aa Wrote: Now we have to repeat this with 256 players.

That likely wouldn't be possible in real time, but a slow-mo match would definitely be interesting on its own, even with only a few players. Someone has to make such a server.

BTW I'd be glad if you people tried this too and we could see how high we can go with the bot number and what hilarious scenarios we can come up with. Imagine e.g. 1000 bots on rev3dm, CTF, nexball, low gravity, explode on touch, electro only etc. The possibilities are endless.

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