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[DM/CA/FT] Dis Fortress

Hello everyobody. Let me present before you the product of my effort: dis_fortress_v2

.png   Screenshot_2020-04-26_23-23-34.png (Size: 9.71 KB / Downloads: 114)


Lore: Dis stands for Dispater. And this guy is like some iron demon or something. So it seemed like a fitting owner of rusty iron demonic castle.

  • 3 warp zones: two take you to/from main hall, one is in the corridor and has a slope.
  • Vortex location: you can reach it without a blaster, but I advise against trying it.
  • Big armor/health are on main hall windows. Hard to reach.
  • Some parkour opportunities.
  • Should be enough open space for everyone's favorite 10v10 CA or FT games.


Wow, looks interesting.

(05-02-2020, 12:05 AM)AriosJentu Wrote: Wow, looks interesting.

I was about to delete this thread to hide my shame when I saw your comment Smile. My "first" map even though initial reaction was positive, I don't think anyone (including me) really wants to play it. It just feels too big and awkward.

Never delete. You know it's very likely that your first map isn't a hit.
This one isn't. But it looks better than what I would assume with ones first map but the main takeaway for you is the learning experience. Which is smaller with fewer feedback.

I'll tell you some pros and cons not really taking into account that it's your first map (so you get a little overview of what you're missing out on):

-Weird textures (i know the pool is limited), some arent properly fitted. (for reoccurring ground textures just select the texture, press ctrl+shift+a to select all surfaces with that texture, press s and reset to make them all the same, (works most of the time))

-not using caulk on hidden surfaces... maybe im the only one whining about ppl not properly using caulk (i also forget it sometimes tbh) try to learn integrating it into your workflow right away. Will save you some frustrastion later because when th map is done caulking every corner you delayed just wont be likely to happen.

-not using detail brushes. This can actually be really costly to not use them. first in terms of compiling (it can also fail if you have too many). Secondly it leeches ingame performance.
Structural brushes define rooms and tell the game what you can see from where by deviding the room into smaller chunks. Details are are everything within those rooms, which you should not see through structural brushes.
In theory when everything is structural it should give best results in terms of drawing only whats seen. However you're cutting your map into thousands of unecessary and small chunks, that overcompensate the gain in a bad way. (you can see those chunks ingame when you enable "r_drawportals 1" in the console)

-the scales and proportions of those structures is good. they do what they look like they're doing and are usable quite intuitively

-the layout is interesting

-the unique style of the details and everything

This video gives some good rules for mapping(or at least thoughts to consider):
[Image: watch?v=ptHurafdCoQ]

You know still finding my shitty maps i made like 10-13 years ago is quite funny. Even funnier is that I've actually found one on a server of which i thought is trash, which it is but it's being voted for lol. (facing_worlds_evolved)

(first 20secs:

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes a map which does everything “wrong” ends up being a really fun and popular map. Take Graphite: Very simple “concrete block” texturing. No detail brushes. Basic mostly two-dimensional layout which could even easily be converted in to a Doom engine (ID Tech 1) map.

Despite this, it’s really fun and popular map which I have seen in duel cups.

The only thing that matters is releasing the map under and open license and making the map fun to play.
Unless stated otherwise, all content in this post except for attachments is public domain and any attachments, if present, are available under an open source compatible license.


I host this on my server for everyone to test.

Looks interesting! As _para said it has a unique style. Keep it up and don't get disheartened. It is the norm in every field if your first attempts are not the successful ones. I am about to ask for testing for my two first maps too (by the end of the week, they are still in an early stage) so I am saying this to myself too, hehe

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