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[Duel] Sanctum

Hello, I believe most have already seen this map, but let me formally introduce it in forums. It is "Sanctum"
[Image: EBv8cSy.jpg]
It is supposted to be a duel map that is heavily inspired by Hub/Aerowalk/Airwalk and offers a similar fast gameplay minus the spawnrape.
It is still a work in progress, as duel maps require a delicate layout which would offer balanced gameplay.

Vision for the map:

I think the ideal final layout would be the one where fights happen all over the map but with some distance between players. Like lots of shooting through windows & predicting where opponent will be next. Also would like to encourage maneuvering with teleports / warpzone / jumps between z levels. Close fights where 2 dudes run around each other in circles are just not that sexy.

Now back to the details of the map:

  • All weapons except hagar. Devastator has 2 spawns.
  • 4 teleporters. None of them are 2-way.
  • One warpzone.
  • Some spread-out shards.

Overall map is pretty small with lots of movement options between areas. Also many areas offer little cover, which should encourage fast gameplay, smart movement between areas and spamming curved rockets, mortar secondary, electro balls and crylink's bouncing shots.

[Image: SPmN6Cm.jpg] [Image: tSLqv5Y.jpg]
[Image: 5ZdsuPW.jpg] [Image: PkJ0N6b.jpg]

Attached Files
.pk3   sanctum.pk3 (Size: 1.85 MB / Downloads: 10)

Interesting smooth map for strafing, a whole map is open enough, with big places for skirmish Big Grin
Awesome warp zone, I like it
But also, this map need a lot of improvements - add more rounded places, using curves. I haven't seen there any curve, only hard cut brushes with a lot of angles. And textures - they are just weird sometimes. Also, some bugs I've found:

This stair at top of warpzone with caulk, I think
[Image: id8wqWK.jpg]

A lot of textures bugs like this. Also, it's not the best way in design to color top as bricks
[Image: BHbJ5uJ.jpg]

This holes look the worst, I think. Make it maybe little with circles, or etc. Add stroke to them, to make them not looking just as cut rectangle in wall.
[Image: TdXlYgm.jpg]

But I like this lights. They are looking like lights on Nar Shaddaa from Jedi Outcast, like it. But this wall is too thin to make this lights perfect part of the map. Also, weird textures behind this point of view is too weird too. And, of course - wall hole with some fence - no, this not looking good, and absolutely useless
[Image: VLV2vxi.jpg]

And about red armor - interesting way to make it on platform like this, it's easy to attack some person, whom want to take armor from bottom Big Grin

Hello. New version (a8) is ready. Initial post has been edited to include the download links. Description has also been updated.

With a8 version I am also removing WIP tag from post, as intend that this version will stay there for a while. I still intend to update/fix the map if some issues come up, but a8 version fixes all things players complained about in a7 version. Now I need paople to really grind the map, and find some OP strategies. Then (maybe) it will be changed.

So in this sense a8 version is "final". Ok, not final. But I don't plan any updates in near future.

So good luck and have fun!

Attached Files
.pk3   sanctum_a8.pk3 (Size: 1.97 MB / Downloads: 5)

Tried it today and love how many creative pathways there are. Great job!

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