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Hello there!

Hi everybody, Jendoliver here!

I've been playing Xonotic for some days already, and I've been absolutely hooked by it. The only FPS I've been playing in the last years is Counter-Strike and, while I also love that game, I felt that I needed something different. Something like one of those I used to play like... twelve years ago, when I was... also twelve? Quake 3 Arena came to my mind, I enjoyed that game so much! I started to watch some old videos of it and thought... does all of this still exist? Of course it does! Thanks to my Google proficency I came up with the amazing "best afps 2020" query, which brought me to this shitty page which is listing Xonotic as the #1. And I saw it was free, so how could I not give it a try?

I jumped in and, as soon as I started moving around... I knew it was going to hit hard. Half of my total hours in counter strike have went to kz/bhop/surf which are all some sort of race cts modes from there. So I'm sort of a movement addict. But in counter strike being a movement addict in competitive is pretty much useless, while here you can actually be highly rewarded for your movement, and I'm loving it. I know this is probably obvious for all of you but just wanted to share my hype on realizing this again after so many years!  Big Grin

Now that I explained all this story, to the point: I see that I'm a bit late to the party but I wanted to say hello here just in case I can meet some people to play with. My friends don't really like this kind of genre, and one who does is playing Quake Champions. Gave it a try but besides super amazing graphics it just felt way slower compared to Xonotic. And I hate having to choose a champion, learning the quirks of all of them, the tier list bullshit... Not meaning to trash talk, just personal preference.

Yesterday I jumped into the Discord server and saw that there's a channel to queue for duels, had my first ones and I enjoyed them so much. This is the only mode I really didn't play on Quake 3 as a kid because I didn't understand anything, I was all the day on instagib/ctf/dm being already sufficiently destroyed. But now that I can actually play I really like it, so if anyone wants to play some games that'd be great! Also, I've seen that there are some recent tournaments on the forum. Should I check it regularly to see if you're organizing something, or can I subscribe to some sort of megathread or something to get notified? I'd love to get destroyed there and learn!

I might be also interested in joining a clan, another Discord server, IRC, whatever brings me close to the few remaining active players and can make the experience better!  Smile 

Thank you very much, both to the possibly already bored readers and specially to the developers that are working on this spectacular game!
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Welcome! As far as I know the community is mostly on IRC and Discord. Regarding the former you should probably check out #xonotic.pickup at Quakenet, about the latter I do not know.
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