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[SOLVED] Game types... ?

Ok, so I built a new map, but when I build it and open nexuiz, then go to the 'create' panel, it is only under LMS, not DM. It has 17 spawn points, a teleporter wired to 4 misc_teleporter_dest entities, and three jumpads currently.

Why won't it show up as DM?

Oh another thing, how do you get a brush to absorb weapon fire? (like a skybox)
nowego [MLP:FiM]

Most likely it has no weapons. Add some, then add "has weapons" to your mapinfo file.
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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What about the absorb weapons fire thing?
nowego [MLP:FiM]

oh, it's the "no impact" texture.
nowego [MLP:FiM]

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