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[CTF] Plaza

Hello. I decided to also post this map to the forum.

It's a rather open CTF map featuring some monsters and vehicles. Hope you like it.
It also has bot waypoints.

Download map_plaza_r3.pk3

[Image: 0qEDGt9.png]

[Image: XqwpduQ.png]

[Image: 6ekTjd6.png]

You need to kill the mages to unlock the center. As long as the mage lives the spiders will respawn after ~15 sec.
Going into the center will grant you powerful weapons, fireball, invincibility(30sec), unlimited ammo and unlimited super weapons but reduces your health to 50 and armor to 10.
The monsters will respawn 90 sec after the powerup is taken.
[Image: uPAvacS.png]

[Image: fKSsTkC.png]

OLD download:
Download map_plaza_r2.pk3

Updated. Now the powerup in the center wont give unlimited_ammo anymore but you get 2 orbs. One orb in each base and you need to bring both into the center to:
a) Get one time powerup of overkill heavy machinegun and
b) Upgrade the powerups people can get by doubling the ammo they give and adding strength.
Also the second to go into the hole wont get killed anymore but instead get no powerful weapons but more health and armor on top of invincibility(/strength) everyone gets.
(it's a relay-mess for the mappers out there)

Also minimap is now working which didn't because gimp decided to add an alpha channel when I cleaned it up.
The vaporizer(minstanex) of the center is now strength.
The center now opens and closes a bit slower.

Download map_plaza_r3.pk3

The orb of the red base you need to collect to upgrade the powerup:
[Image: 88SWadL.png]

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