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My frontend for the Unofficial Xonotic map repository

I'd like to play community maps so I found the unofficial map repository here.
It's great! But with it's frontend I really had problem browsing around. Mainly because of code performance and slow library requests.
"Libraries" are never my flavors. Also many obvious optimizations are possible. So that I tried to make one by myself!

You can give it a try NOW, at here:
It have Xonotic Luma-alike theme, Grid or Compact view, Search/Sort/Filter available.
Make sure you use a newer browser, and Enjoy!
Note that, this is a Proof-of-Concept page, to reduce the load I just picked a few sample map data to use there.
But hey! It really just works!
(The frontend uses a custom binary format for map data. Even with all the >15,000 maps included, it's 5 to 10 times smaller, in contrast to json.)
(Because GitHub Pages use HTTPS while use HTTP, browser may give security alert when you download. It shouldn't be there in "production")

And of course Source Code is available! MIT/Expat licensed:
(I can't get my GitLab account to work. Sorry. You can clone it with git.)
There are so many good spots. You can read the README inside to get "what's good about".
Steps to get started are in README too. If you are a dev & interested in it, go ahead!

And leave comments about your thoughts! Some changes should be made according to your preference, it's a long way toward.
After that, should it be "formally" hosted somewhere? It's best to go directly to!

Thanks to the great game and community!

My thoughts are.."THANK YOU" for yours Smile

Great job! Thank you!

May I suggest some superficial changes?

In Search/Sort/Filter, could we make the following clarification?
  • Size -> (Map) file size
  • Time -> Date (or file timestamp) (also in Size drop down)
  • in Time drop down, "In 2 years" -> "Past 2 years"
  • In Other: "Require Mapshot" -> "With Mapshot"
  • "OK" -> "Apply"
@Naitlee, do you plan to keep this around for a long time? If so, we can add this to the wiki. (Or you can do a PR)

Very nice, NaitLee!

(10-09-2022, 02:44 PM)BuddyFriendGuy Wrote: @Naitlee, do you plan to keep this around for a long time? If so, we can add this to the wiki. (Or you can do a PR)

I just added the link in that case.

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