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Unofficial Xonotic map repository (

I'd like to publicly announce which provides a front-end for nearly every Xonotic map to date. It's sortable, filterable, exportable to csv and more.

Currently there is no API, just a LARGE JSON file that gets downloaded on page load. So expect a delay in the inital page load.


[Image: C1lG5Qm.png]

[Image: pNxCYjJ.png]

Find us on IRC #xonotic.maps

Source code here


- 0.7.0 release:

- Improved UI
- Improved overall performance
- Added local cache of maplist for faster load
- Started delegating heavy tasks to web workers as to not block UI
- Technically able to create radar images with entities placed on them. Very alpha.

- Added visual output for flags on front-end
- Converted all tga mapshots to jpg so they can be viewed on the web.

- All maps are reparsed in the new JSON structure
- Updated UX for thumbails

Wow, this is a huuge repository! I was trying stuff out, and sorting by 1000 and searching basically kills the page for me Big Grin

Yeah, haha. That doesn't surprise me, It's really dependent upon what your client can handle for advanced processing without an API. That's all the work of some javascript rather than a server, so with that much data, a little lag is expected. This is why I have a sort page length by default. You can also hide/show columns. The less it's drawing in the DOM, the better the perfomance.

Lastly, you can export to CSV and do whatever you want with the data! Smile

Also, I should note. If there is any information missing, it's likely the fault of the map package. The parser attempts to get as much information about the map as it can from the package.

The repository also supports themes which can be saved in a cookie if you chose a theme. This is an alpha feature, so it's only accessible if you type the konami code.

[Image: EBUlqI0.png]

wow - very nice =)

huge collection - with cool maps ...

GreetZ Su

Missing a map hub3aeroq3a_spawns from HUB Dallas.

It's not missing, it just isn't listed yet for some reason (list is cached).
[Image: 230.png]

Awww yeah. Nice work as usual!

Side note - if you are interested in constructing a database for this with a minimal API, let me know!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

This is awesome, -z-!

Thanks BuddyFriendGuy.

Antibody and I have spoken on IRC. I'm working on another project that requires an API, so I've been diving into developing a Python API using Falcon Framework and sqlalchemy. This should help lay the ground work for map repo API.

One thing I would appreciate help with is the database schema. I can certainly slap something together but I'm no DBA. I'd rather have someone with a DBA background consult.

One last thing to note is that I plan on changing the JSON structure slightly.

[s]1) all mapinfo should be parsed as an array

Check the for the JSON structure.

2) parsing additional entities

-z-, are you looking to include a lot of in-map info in your DB? I must've missed something since the table looks straight-forward, schema-wise.

For example, are you looking to have information like, map space size (height, width, depth), how far the flags are from each other, how many rocket launchers, etc.?

Don't forget Nexuiz ninjaz repository or DTG's and Regular's Smile

(03-21-2016, 05:42 PM)BuddyFriendGuy Wrote: -z-, are you looking to include a lot of in-map info in your DB? I must've missed something since the table looks straight-forward, schema-wise.

For example, are you looking to have information like, map space size (height, width, depth), how far the flags are from each other, how many rocket launchers, etc.?

It does seem pretty straight forward schema wise but you've touched upon the reason I'd like a DBA to have a think about it as well. I want to make sure if can scale with minimal changes if/when we decide to database beyond what's being read out in the current JSON.

I would like the future map repo to include map reviews, rating, tags, comments, etc.

However, before we get to that, we need a solid foundation Smile

(03-21-2016, 06:53 PM)Beagle Wrote: Don't forget Nexuiz ninjaz repository or DTG's and Regular's Smile

The Nexuiz Ninjaz repository is deprecated and is only available for archive purposes.

I'm not sure what the maintenance on the other repositories is but I can tell you that you won't find as much information out about map packages at any other repository.

Hey everybody, today I'm happy to report I've tagged the 0.7.0 release of xonotic-map-repository. The back-end changes might not mean much to you if you aren't interested in how the front-end gets its data, but the front-end changes should excite you!

I've done my best to improve performance dealing with a MASSIVE JSON file, including but not limited to: image compression, web workers, localstorage cache. I know it's a bummer to wait for it to load, but the beauty of this is that the site is viewable offline and instantly searchable.

By 1.0 I plan on having a back-end API with relational database to further decrease the load.

See the release notes here:

-z-, I was browsing around and again found this repo very cool! Just want to give you yet another thumb up!

I checked out the Repository and see it does not have some of the ctf maps which are on our element server.

Maybe good to add those too,

[Image: 39855.png]

Please provide a list with working links to download these maps if you'd like them added to the repository.

The jokes on the loading screen aren't funny at all... but good job with all the maps.

By the way, is it possible to add your own files or remove your files to the repository? Since I might be hosting a modded server if I have the time and to have clients to download maps I need a link to a download, know the maps are from the unofficial repo is getting it from, and I'm also terrible at finding website hosters and I don't wanna pay $ Sad

Thanks - Beagle

There is no current or planned support for allowing ad-hoc 3rd party packages to be hosted on

Currently maps are added by Mario as he reviews them, there is no real intake process yet, that's planned.

Please contact either -z- or Mario if you would like a *map* package added to the repository.

These maps should have the minimum requirements for a map package. This map package generator was an attempt at trying to provide the basic requirements for a package as a starter package. See the linked wiki page for details.

I implore you to review the following files thoroughly if you plan on hosting a server:

As well as review other's open-source configurations.

Alright, thanks -z-.

-z-, I noticed that the entity list doesn't include vehicles. Can that be done?

Also, can we some how break the types of the entities into separate lines, for easier reading? It seems we'll have enough space due to the screenshot's ample height.

I'd also like to suggest the map makers to add "_vehicles" to the end of their map name, but I'm not sure whether that's the best practice. Thoughts?

One major suggestion is to offer a grid view for mapshots only, way too tedious to browse through the list in list view
[MoFo] Servers - North America - Hosted in Montreal Canada - Admin DeadDred [MoFo]

The x-evilspaceremix.pk3 (without the beta tag) uploaded on 2015 has no music and has missking/checkerboard textures. Meanwhile the older one with the beta tag has both music and it's textures.

(Was it just me or what?)

Add Edit:
Alright, the thread is just for the discussion of the site. I was downloading maps without a clear idea of which map is missing textures (happened), "fixed", is for a specific mode like defrag (also happened), etc. I think there needs to be some organization, the most recently added map isn't necessarily the most up to date. Don't really know where the admin intends to go with the site but something like
is much easier to use and more organized, though it's not for Xonotic.

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