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Zircon Galaxy (Xonotic derived)

The only individual here I am sure I have interacted with is Divverent who I think of as "div0" -- back in 2006 div0 helped me and RocketGuy who needed a specific Linux Quake engine server compiled -- I still remember how grateful we were for the assistance.

Anyway, for anyone interested ...

Zircon Galaxy is a single player / cooperative mod that uses Xonotic textures/models/sounds.  The mod is a very interactive single player experience with inventory, vehicles and a ton of other enhancements.

A video is here:

The moddb page is here:

Anyone who is interested in extreme coding may find some of the features in Zircon Galaxy interesting.  It does 15 to 20 very difficult things that I think other coders will get a kick out of -- it does some things to really leverage some DarkPlaces features -- some you should notice just from the video.

Anyway, thank you for listening.

Wow very cool! I'll give it a test drive! Nice promo video too!


The next screenshot / video might have the funniest but coolest feature yet.

This feature might be done tomorrow.

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