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well, hello! I'm nearly 14 years old Xonotic player, got interested in it probably a year and a half before this post, but didn't stay for too long. recently I decided to start playing the game again, already learned some movement techniques like bhopping (including strafe jumping where you bhop and strafe a little while moving your mouse smoothly into strafe direction) and forward turning; currently trying to master strafe turning and others. but it is still all too basic for me to not suck against better players.

I'm from Russia, but our political views (if you have any) are probably the same, considering most of you are from Europe and North America. also because of my location I have a quite big ping (90 at min up to 140, the rest is just blocked by Xonotic I guess) on non-asian servers (which is like 90% of them), but probably this will get better after I'll get faster internet connection (currently 100 MiB per second)

thanks for reading this, whoever you are Big Grin

Hey, nice to meet you, I'm new too! I'm from Serbia, have 1.2 Mbit per second and ping was between 35 and 55 on all servers I played so far. I think speed is not that important than physical proximity to the server, latency is lower if you're closer to the server. Game runs smoothly for me although I have low specs hardware.

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