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[DM, COOP] Kota-dooM4

Kota-dooM4 is the first map that has a coop mode.
Weapons: Supershotgun (from moonterror)(3), machinegun(3), electro(2), hagar(3).
Has about 4 buttons that work either traps or an instument.
Has two powerups: 2 shields, and they're hidden in traps.
Has lava, so be careful!
Has a special function: you can kill your enemies from above, and they can kill you from botton. Only works with buildings (thought a little buggy), stairs do not work.
To enable the coop mode, you need to type in console:
scratch1 1
and restart if you're in game. And enjoy the singleplayer map!
Coop mode only adds monsters (54) and some walls that won't let you go so easily. The traps are a bit reworked too. And removes the special function because it's useless for the coop mode. Also,  you only spawn at the only 1 spawnpoint.
Bots work so-so, they always get stuck at walls...
Thanks to Xord for his testing and analyze!
Includes a track called "DOOM" by Bobby Prince
License: GPLv2.
Screenshots:[Image: b4fb328d296dd090acf074ae8f4070bc.jpg]
[Image: 9c08a286843b296a1e1132ea851412c5.png][Image: 33ce059dff26f5b0fa9c4a0c28da9a2d.png][Image: d2e81d7859d51b4a86f5920ec744d55f.png][Image: 3fb933f4399ac8a06aaae414a360025c.png][Image: a9dc4cad51416b3496859c4871e6ea60.png][Image: 3d8040a22ee566d01036c96889e2beaa.png][Image: ebcf68d15a995454c1250a2bd49fa34e.png]
No screenshots for coop mode because the view is not really changed, though there are some more items and monsters.
My Kotangєns mod and Sound Pack.
What's your favorite weapon?/mutator?/color?

My first and last maps:
CTF: Trident_ctf, Moon terror;
DM: Checkfriend, Last man standing remix (ctf);
Duel: tempullit, X air walker;
Kota-dooM: Kota-dooM, Kota-dooM4;
Race: Map packs;
Special: Triangle, Mid space 'em.

You can check out my other maps here.

Tried it, it's kinda neat and the Doom music always make me laugh a little.

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