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Hey there!

I'm working on a new ctf map. I need your help now Wink
1. Help me find bugs
2. Help me to put weapons there (I'm a minstagib player so i don't know which weapons you guys like^^)
3. Give me some feedback

note: This is not the final version of the map there will be some changes and adds; the skybox is just for testing and not the final!





Looks intresting Smile

It has a touch of egyptronex or something like that Wink

Ill try that map a little later. I would place all weapons(?) except of tuba, hlac, fireball... for first. In general, weapons you place on the map depend on the way you want this map to be played.

(09-26-2010, 01:23 PM)Debugger Wrote: I would place all weapons(?) except of tuba, hlac, fireball... for first.

Why not the HLAC?!

All weapons but not:
- fireball
- tuba
- seeker (could be annoying)

---Nex / campingrifle placement---
I'd place one nex in the middle or two camping rifles Wink
[Image: 788.png]

Okay I found the time to make a bit progress...

so here some new screens:


Hope you like it Smile

Looks interesting no doubt.
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nice textures & fire Big Grin
[Image: 788.png]

Okay here we go for a beta. Now i need your help boys and girls^^ tell me where to put the weapons Smile

And it got a new name: Dragon Temple. Matchs better Big Grin

Download link: [don't click me I'm evil]

Overall I gotta say this map looks pretty nice. I quite like it. A few things, though. In the second screenshot in the second set of screenshots theres a ramp. On the sides of the ramp theres what looks like some kind of eagle texture thing but its half cut off. Fix this so its either all visible or not there at all.

I notice that you don't seem to break up ground/ceiling textures much. You should do this, especially in the flag rooms. I'd recommend maybe reshaping the ceiling in these rooms to make it look more elaborate. Its a temple, not a box Tongue

For the floors in some places you could add sort of pathways edged with trim to break it up a little.

Keep up the good work!
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

What I've seen from the Screenies, it looks interesting but imo it lacks a certain level of complexity. Atm it looks like there are only minimal changes in height which tends to make fights very boring and only aim-heavy since you don't have any positional things to worry about. The textures look nice but that's not that much of a problem with the egyptsock texture set (and textures from sock). About weapons, like the others said: All except fireball, tagseeker, tuba. The new minelayer seems kinda ideal for ctf-gametype so you should think about placing it in your map. In general you should place the weapons mirrored as the whole map is mirrored. In the bases you should place weapons that can be used for defensive play like Motar/Rockets/Nex/Sniper while on the mid of the map you should have more offense oriented weapons like hgar/electro.


Build a minimap, and then when you post that I'll use it to show you were _I_ would put weapons.

REALLY nice dragons, also you might consider changing the lava, or blood, or whatever it is to purple or green, so that red doesn't have more color across the map. If you want to keep it red, you might consider renaming to something a little less "cheesy".

Okay thx for your replies. As you see it is still a beta because as Sepelio says it there need to be more variety in the textures.

Here is the pic for you nowego4:

[No! pls don't click me. That hurts]

I will give you some new screenies when i found the time to update the map.

Hmmm... I am not seeing any textures or even a lightbox (except for on the dragons and tapestries).
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