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I've got a question: is there any system to dynamically change objects level of detail so we can save some processing power on making the distant models less detailed than the close ones?

I'd like to discuss some common techniques used for this, check what can be done, and how. Maybe we could improve the game performance A LOT with some work.

For example: the shell casings. Those cylindrical models look pretty detailed and I'am sure they are wasting a lot of power on stuff we don't even see Smile

I think that they could use 3 or 4 models with different LOD. First with highest LOD could be current models, second would be a 12-sideed cylinder (24 verticles) and 3 would be a 8-sided (16 v.) cylinder. How about this? Forth model could be a 3-sided cylinder (6 v.).

Also weapons, projectiles, players, gibs, and pickups models could have some LOD models...

I'd like to also think of some more sophisticated methods of applying dynamic LOD to particles.

I know this is a lot of work, and this is propably the raason why I don't see it in the game already Big Grin But if the engine supported it, and It would be easy to do, new media in the game could be done with different LOD models and the game performance would slowly go up.

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i dont think this would work with the engine
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There is LOD support for misc_gamemodel entities, see the specific key descriptions in NetRadiant.

Some playermodels have LOD, iirc all don't. Those that don't have LOD, need some work... LOD models don't even have to look that good so anyone should be able to do this really (as long as the animations stay intact, that's the hard part i bet)
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LOD already exists on player models, you just have to find it in the advanced settings.

Oh wait.

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